Ein Kobi Overnight Camping Site, Begin Park

The camping site is located next to one of the most beautiful spring-aqueducts in the Jerusalem Hills, next to reconstructed terraces and planted orchard trees.

On the site: Picnic tables, campfire circles, and drinking water. The area surrounding the spring is a small park in its own right.

Nearby sites: Begin Park scenic route (off-road trail), Ein Yoel and surrounding orchards, Hurvat Hanut (Hanut Ruins), which houses the remains of a Byzantine-period monastery featuring an incredible mosaic, the Caesar trail (an easy hiking trail), Nahal Katlav (for experienced hikers). 

Location: At about 700 m east of the entrance to the moshav Mevo Beitar, there is an entrance to Begin Park (route 375, next to the 8th km marker). Drive 1.5km in the park, and you'll get to the spring.
Maximum capcacity: 500 visitors
Group registration: adit@kkl.org.il