Overnight Camping Sites

KKL-JNF recreation areas all over the country offer overnight camping facilities. The following are the overnight camping sites that do so.

General Information

Please note:

  • Groups of more than 50 people should book accommodation in advance.
  • Please fill in a preliminary application form and send it to the relevant local KKL-JNF office about ten days before the planned stay.
  • Cleanliness Maintenance: Please bring large, opaque garbage bags from home for collecting your garbage. At the end of your stay, we recommend you take the trash with you to prevent wild animals from scattering it in the forest. If you cannot take the garbage bags with you, please leave them in designated areas only. If there is no room in the garbage containers in the camping sites, please tie the bags up tightly and place them next to the garbage container. Please do not tie garbage bags on tree branches.
  • For those staying at an overnight camping site: there is no lighting or security in the forest. Not all camping sites have bathrooms and running water.
  • Lighting fires: Due to the danger of forest fires, fires may not be lit in the forest except in the designated areas. In the KKL-JNF campsites, there are grills in the designated grilling areas.