Tu Bishvat - The New Year for Trees
Tu Bishvat, synonymous with KKL-JNF, is a festival of renewal, a celebration of nature and a holiday of the environment. So come celebrate Tu Bishvat 5783 (2023) with us!
  • How to Plant a Tree

    A helpful step-by-step guide to planting a tree, anywhere in the world! Includes the Planter's Prayer.
  • The Tu Bishvat Seder

    Download a complete Tu Bishvat seder, including videos and songs - available in different languages!
    Brought to you by the KKL-JNF Education & Community Division.
  • Tu Bishvat Songbook

    Rock your Tu Bishvat by singing along to classic Israeli songs. Our online song-book has 12 well-loved songs, including artist recording, lyrics, and Karaoke!
    Hebrew | English | French | Spanish
  • Tu Bishvat and the KKL-JNF Connection

    Tu BiShvat, the tree-planting festival, has been celebrated throughout Israel since 1901. The Tu BiShvat plantings held by KKL-JNF all over the country in the month of Shvat every year have become a local tradition.

  • Tu Bishvat in the Jewish Tradition

    Tu Bishvat is a day deeply rooted in Jewish history. Read about Tu Bishvat’s historical origins, its spiritual significance, and the symbolism of trees in Jewish literature.

  • What do Trees do for Us?

    Research shows that in Israel’s high-density, urban environment, the forest’s recreational value not only covers its financial expense, but pays itself back many times over.

  • Trees & Forests Videos

    Everything you wish to know about trees and forests in the videos in front of you.

  • Trees of Israel

    Download 'Trees of Israel' in three languages: