KKL-JNF-Easy to Breathe
In March 2017, KKL-JNF and the Ministry of Environmental Protection launched "KKL-JNF Easy to Breathe" - a national environmental program to reduce pollution and environmental risks, and to improve the air quality and quality of life of Israeli residents.
The plan is comprised of four initiatives to be carried out in cooperation with a number of government and non-government organizations, totaling NIS 390 million. The fruits of these efforts will be harvested in both the immediate future and distant future. The projects, which are all currently being implemented, provide solutions to diverse needs of Israeli society, in the areas of green transportation, green energy, green neighborhoods and the green environment:
  • Clean Car Revolution

    KKL-JNF and the Ministry of Environmental Protection's clean car revolution is comprised of four programs, aimed at reducing vehicular air pollution, with an overall budget of NIS 75 million.
  • Green Energy

    KKL-JNF and the Ministry of Environmental Protection will invest in efficient energy-use ventures, facilitating savings in resources and urban infrastructure in towns in Israel’s periphery.
  • Green Neigborhoods

    A collaboration between the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and KKL-JNF, to renovate old buildings in Israel’s peripheral areas and retrofit them with solar energy systems.
  • Green Environment

    A program advancing environmentaldevelopment and pollutionreduction in housing projects and disadvantaged neighborhoods with low socio-economic rankings.