Maof - A Vision to Reach New Heights

Helping Youth in Peripheral Communities

Maof - the Hebrew word for vision, courage and imagination - is the name of KKL-JNF's innovative informal education program primarily for youth in peripheral communities. This comprehensive educational outreach concept integrates and encourages the participation and involvement of educators, students, families and entire communities. Together, these groups are given the tools to succeed in implementing a program for the betterment of our youth, our future.

How does Maof work?

Maof is a 5-year program directed primarily at youth from relatively low socio-economic levels.

Maof operates in schools and in the extra-curricular (informal) educational system.

By the third year of the program, KKL-JNF builds an "Eco-Zionism Learning Center" that it continues to operate for a further two years, after which the local municipality then takes over.

When one community concludes its 5-year program, a new community joins from the long waiting list and the program begins again for that new addition.
What are Maof’s goals?

Consistent with KKL-JNF values, Maof focuses on ecology and Zionism to create a model for community change: To help close socio-economic gaps through innovative educational activities and community outreach.
Reaching new heights at the Asper Center in Ofakim. Photo: Yoav Devir