Afforestation in Israel

At KKL-JNF, we know the secrets of the forest. When we first started, our goal was to green Israel, and we planted large expanses of fast-growing conifers. For many years, KKL-JNF was synonymous with planted pine forests in Israel. As awareness on the importance of biodiversity grew, our approach to forestry changed. Today’s forests barely resemble those of the past – they are varied and open, providing a welcoming home to a broad range of plants and animals, and serve as wonderful recreation for all types of people.
  • KKL-JNF Forest Data – 2019-2020

  • Forest Facts & Figures

    What do forests do for us? What do we do for our forests?
    New - Facts & Figures 2021
  • Managing and Studying Forests at KKL-JNF

    How does KKL-JNF work with trees to improve the environment in Israel? Read on!

  • Turning the Desert Green

    Learn about Yatir Forest, the largest man-made forest in Israel, and how it has impacted the surrounding desert area.