A Tree in Israel for Every Month

A Tree in Israel for Every Month

Introducing the world of KKL-JNF forest trees! Each month, we will focus on a single species that typifies the season, and present some fun facts, legends and traditions associated with it.
  • MARCH: Judas Tree - Kelil HaHoresh-כליל החורש

    The etymology of the tree's name is possibly from its French common name, Arbre de Judée - "tree of Judea" - the region in which the Judas tree grows.

  • APRIL: Christ's Thorn Jujube - Shezaf matsuy-שיזף מצוי

    Christ's Thorn Jujube is a branching thorny tree of Sudanian origin. In Israel, you can find both them both natural and planted.

  • MAY: Atlantic Pistacia - Elah Atlantit-אלה אטלנטית

    The Atlantic pistacia is a major component of Israeli natural landscapes. It is one of the most drought-resistant of Israel’s native woodland trees