Green Energy

KKL-JNF and the Ministry of Environmental Protection will invest in efficient energy-use ventures, facilitating savings in resources and urban infrastructure in towns in Israel’s periphery.


34 local authorities from Israel’s geographic and social periphery won the tender and will receive funding to advance 38 energy-efficient projects.

There are two types of projects:
  • The installation of solar panels for power generation on public buildings (city hall, schools etc.).
  • The installation of energy-saving air conditioning and lighting systems in streets and in public buildings.


77 million NIS

Today, local authorities spend more than NIS 2 billion a year on electricity; 45% of the money goes to outdoor lighting. Upgrading the control system and switching to LED lighting will significantly reduce their expenditure (a full return on the investment is expected within a few years).

It is estimated that the local authorities will save some NIS 45 million annually in electricity costs. In five years, NIS 230 million can be saved collectively from the budget of all the local authorities involved in the air conditioning and the outdoor & indoor lighting projects.

In addition, the project will reduce 60,000 tons of greenhouse gases annually, a total of one million tons throughout the project.

Besides the reduction in air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and the money that local authorities will save on electricity bills, the initiatives will enhance the financial robustness of the local authorities involved in the project.

Project Phase:
The projects have already been selected and the grants approved. The following municipalities will participate in the program: Dimona, Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, Ma’ale Yosef Regional Council, Shomron Regional Council, Sderot, Jezreel Valley Regional Council, Safed, Upper Galilee Regional Council, Maalot Tarshiha, Merchavim Regional Council, Eshkol Regional Council Desert, Arad, Eilat, Eshkol Regional Council, Be'er Sheva, Megiddo Regional Council, Afula, Yeruham, Ofakim, Yarka, Acre, Upper Nazareth and Shfaram.