Forestry & Environment

Support our activities in forest management, afforestation, combatting desertification, maintaining biodiversity, promoting positive and sustainable human-nature relationships, and much more.

The Shmita Year, 5782/2021-22

Due to the Shmita year 5782 (Sept. 2021-2022), donations will be dedicated to security plantings in the Gaza envelope. Normally, during Shmita (a sabbatical for the Land of Israel that occurs every 7 years), it is forbidden to plant trees, but these plantings are permitted according to Jewish Law (Halakha) under the principle of preserving human life.

Alternatively, you can choose to donate to the rehabilitation of a burnt forest that includes new plantings to be carried out following the Shmita year.

With your support, KKL-JNF improves Israel's environment by:

  • Planting forests and preserving our open spaces
  • Operating a network of birdwatching sites under our Kanfei KaKaL ornithological division
  • Preserving biodiversity in Israel through our Wildlife Acclimation Center at Hula Lake
  • Planting trees that shield Gaza border residents and commuters from missile attacks
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creating and nurturing biospheric parks
  • Enriching forest biodiversity
  • Preventing and fighting forest fires and rehabilitating burnt forests
  • Combating desertification
  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Making nature accessible to everyone
  • Joint initiatives in renewable energy, e.g. solar photovoltaic technology and solid waste recycling
  • Implementing the "National Outline Plan for Forests and Afforestation"

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