About the Division

Dear Educators,

KKL-JNF is one of the oldest, biggest and leading bodies in Israel for Zionist, environmental and educational activity. Over the years, KKL-JNF has lead – and it keeps leading – large national projects related to soil, forestry and development, as well as Zionist and environmental education, with the guiding principal being the participation of the Jewish people.

The Education and Community Division's goal is to educate to love the state of Israel and its people and to connect educators and their students and pupils to their history and heritage, as well as to the forests, nature, environment and importance of protecting them using enriching and entertaining methods. To achieve this goal, KKL-JNF develops unique educational programs, in Israel and abroad, in different informal education activities as youth movements, youth centers, and informal education hours at schools.
We invite you to take part in our educational journey and offer you the opportunity to participate in varied, exciting and innovative educational programs that teach the love of the country as well as social, environmental, and Zionist responsibilities, focusing on leadership and vision, to give a voice to the leaders of the future.

As part of our program, you can travel around the country, stay in the KKL-JNF Field Centers, enjoy empowering and educating seminars as well as training for guides and educational materials that are tailored to a wide variety of ages and groups and to youth groups in Israel and abroad.

In its programs, KKL-JNF offer rich content related to history, geography and environment. The KKL-JNF guides and Education and Community Division staff, in collaboration with the organization's professional staff, will provide you and your students an unforgettable rich experience which includes professional, creative, and entertaining guidance.

We invite you to join us in an exciting, never-ending educational journey.

Sar Shalom-Gerbi,
Manager of the Education and Community Division