Accessibility Arrangements

The Jewish National Fund (KKL) ascribes the utmost importance to providing equal services to the overall population, and especially to people with disabilities. KKL promotes and advances the comprehensive accessibility of its’ sites, forests, parks, and websites. The required adaptation process is accompanied by a Licensed Buildings Infrastructure and Environment Accessibility Expert, and also by a Licensed Service Accessibility Expert.
We ensure the accessibility of all of our buildings, in order to ensure convenient and accommodating access for the overall population. We believe it expedient for us to provide the best possible professional and quality service to all people. To this end, we perform adaptations that enable people with disabilities to gain access to information through our website, telephone call center, and public inquiries center.

Accessibility Arrangements within the Forested Sites

Pursuant to the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Adaptation of Accessibility to Sites) Regulations, 5768 – 2008, KKL dedicates considerable efforts and resources in order to provide physical accessibility and services in the forests that are opened to the public. We promote, plan, and perform accessibility related functions on a multi-annual work-plan basis. We ensure that the forests will be opened to the entire public, including people with disabilities.
Providing accessibility arrangements within the forests is very different than providing accessibility arrangements within buildings or urban sites. Development operations for open-air sites must be performed with great sensitivity, so as to prevent any disturbing of natural resources, flora, fauna, archeological relics, infrastructures, and other additional concerns. Accessibility in these sites is provided with the professional accompaniment of the National Accessibility Commissioner, who is trained as a Licensed Buildings Infrastructure and Environment Accessibility Expert, and also as a Licensed Service Accessibility Expert.

Providing Accessibility to Services

  • Instructing Employees on Accessibility – A portion of the KKL employees have already received general training sessions for providing accessible services, and another portion of the employees is scheduled to undergo similar training in the future. The training sessions equip the employees with information and tools that are required in order to provide accessible services, and expose them to the experience of providing an accessible service. The purpose of these training sessions is to create awareness among the organization’s employees and managers of principals relating to accessibility, and equip them with practical tools for providing accessible services.
  • Providing accessibility of the “Line to the Forests” call center switchboard – the call center’s recorded messages are currently undergoing an accessibility adaptation process, which is designed to provide all of the recorded information in clear speech, and without any background music.
  • Alternate methods of contact – there are several alternate means of establishing contact with KKL, including: an online form (currently only available in Hebrew) at the following internet address –, and also by means of sending a fax message to the number – 02-6233453 or to view our Emails list click here. Contacting persons will be requested to indicate their preferred method of returning contact.

Accessibility of the KKL Website

An accessible website allows people with disabilities and elderly people to surf with the same efficiency and enjoyment level of all other users. 20 to 50 percent of the population experience difficulties in using the internet, and can benefit from more accessible internet content, according to a research conducted in 2003 by Microsoft. KKL-JNF believes in and acts for equal opportunities for people with disabilities and people who need technological support for using a computer in the internet sphere.

Information on the Accessibility of the KKL Website

  • The website conforms to the provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Adaptation of Accessibility to Services) Regulations, 5773 – 2013.
  • The accessibility adaptations were performed in accordance with the recommendations of the Israeli Standards Institution (Israel Standard Number 5568) for internet content accessibility, at an AA level, and in accordance with the specifications of the international WCAG 2.0 document.
  • The tests were performed for the highest degree of compatibility with the fire-fox browser.
  • The site provides a semantic structure for the assistance and support technologies while employing the normal keyboard, and specifically the arrow, enter keys, and the escape key for exiting menus and windows.
  • The site was adapted to be displayed on the popular browsers, and for cell-phone use.
  • Counseling on the web site’s accessibility was provided by the A-2-Z Internet Marketing and Accessibility Company.
  • For an optimal surfing experience with screen reading features we recommend the use of the latest NVDA software.
  • Documents or video films that were uploaded to the site prior to October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If any such inaccessible document or film is encountered you may refer to the accessibility coordinator in KKL, and we will make all such information available to you.

Site Maintenance and Accessibility Aids

This site employs a User1st company accessibility program which makes it possible to alter the site’s code, format, and content. The description below details instructions for using this accessibility program.
  • Upon accessing the page, and at its’ upper section you will find instructions for using this program.


After Activating the Program:
  • The page itself will contain added shortcuts to the upper part of the page.
  • The program will alert you upon activation, and relating to each accessed page to await the complete loading of the page.
  • The top section of the page will include two menus: a page-map and a site-map, which will enable you to navigate directly to the desired fields/pages.
  • Keyboard shortcuts may also be employed – see paragraph below on the keyboard shortcuts.


Upon Activating the Profile/Capabilities of Users Requiring Keyboard Navigation or Keyboard Simulation Aids:
  • The top of the page will display additional shortcuts. Depress the TAB key in order to view them.
  • The top of the page will also display two menus: a page-map and a site-map, which will enable you to navigate directly to the desired fields/pages.
  • Continue depressing the TAB key in order to jump to the next field/component; Simultaneously depress the SHIFT + TAB keys in order to return to the previous field/component, and depress the ENTER key in order to activate a desired component or enter a field; depress the arrow keys in order to select from a field with multiple options, and the SPACE key for executing a selection.
  • The program will alert you upon opening each page that you should wait for the page to fully load.
  • Keyboard shortcuts may be employed – see paragraph below on keyboard shortcuts.


Upon Activating the Profile/Capabilities of Users Requiring Color Adjustments
  • Adjustment to Monochrome Colors: The site coloring will alter after the page is loaded. Note that this feature may also assist users employing the Microsoft Desktop inverted colors.
  • Alteration of Color Contrast Sharpness: The contrast of the colors will alter in accordance with the regulations’ requirements for single value identification of components.


Upon Activating the Profile/Capabilities of Users Requiring Assistance
  • An additional description of each component will appear as you focus upon it.
  • You can build the profile for yourself and not rely on any existing profile.
  • In order to receive an optimal surfing experience with screen reader features we recommend that you employ the latest NVDA software.


Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 0 shortcut to the accessibility menu
  • 2 shortcut to the central section of the page
  • 3 shortcut to the site-map field
  • 5 shortcut to the search field
  • S shortcut to the page-map

Establishing Contact on Matters Relating to Accessibility

KKL strives to provide accessibility for anything within its’ areas of responsibility.
If despite the above stated you encounter any problems or malfunctions relating to accessibility we would encourage you to inform us of this fact by addressing a notice to:
We will strive to provide you with an appropriate solution, and to repair any malfunction as speedily as possible.
National Accessibility Commissioner – Meirav Davidian
Communications should be sent in accordance with the above stated details.
This website declaration was updated on: Aug. 25th, 2020