KKL-JNF for People with Special Needs

KKL-JNF is creating a new reality by making it possible for people with physical limitations to spend time in open spaces and feel close to nature.
In recent years, KKL-JNF has been investing great efforts and resources, with the helping of its friends worldwide, in creating forests and recreation areas specially designed for people with physical limitations, taking into consideration their functional needs so that they can get around comfortably and safely.


KKL-JNF planners and landscape architects are assisted by the services of consultants in this field, in the planning of solutions for improvements in serving this population.

Unlike urban sites, development in natural areas is mostly done with a minimalist approach, whose aim is to enable a trip and recreation in nature on a reasonable level of comfort, with maximum affinity and respect for nature, and elements with additional historic, scenic or archeological value.

Nevertheless, most KKL-JNF sites, information centers and scenic lookouts are made suitable for people with special needs. Every project planned by KKL-JNF takes accessibility considerations into account, and a lot of work is being done to upgrade existing sites and make them accessible for people with special needs, in accordance with the conditions of the location and the limitations of the budget.

By doing so, KKL-JNF is creating a new reality and making it possible for this population to spend time in open spaces and feel close to nature.