Tel Seruhan (Tel el-Fara)

The 6th signposted stop is Tel Seruhan (the southern Tel el Fara), adjacent to the banks of Nahal Besor.

The signs at the top of the tel depict photographs of how it looked in 1917 during the battles.

One particularly noticeable detail is the round trenches dug by the Turks around the tel in order to prevent the cavalry from approaching it.

In the end, the Turks left the area without a fight in order to stabilize the line of defense on the other side of the Besor stream.

To get there: Tel Seruhan is part of the Besor Route (Derech HaBesor), which starts from Route 241, around a kilometer west of the entrance to Besor Park. The southern end of the route joins up with Route 222 near Kibbutz Tze’elim.