The ANZAC Trail in the Negev

100 Years since the ANZAC battle
This trail retraces the journey of the ANZAC lighthorse brigade, who conquered Beersheba from the Turks in 1917. October 31st 2017 was the 100th anniversary of this momunental battle that mapped the course of modern Israeli history.

Video: ANZAC Centenary Mission to Israel - 10 Decades in 11 Days

With Thanks to our JNF Australia Partners

The ANZAC Trail and the Be'er Sheva ANZAC Memorial Centre have been developed thanks to Friends of JNF Australia.

With Thanks to our JNF Australia Partners

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ANZAC Trail Map. Graphic of KKL-JNF
For your safety: During your visit to Gaza border sites, the instructions of operating security forces must be obeyed.
  • Travel back in History

    Travel back in History

    The ANZACs take Beersheva
  • ANZAC Memorial Center

    ANZAC Memorial Center

    ANZAC Memorial Center Dedicated in Beersheba
  • 1. The Badlands Lookout at Be’eri

    1. The Badlands Lookout at Be’eri

    The Badlands Lookout overlooks a valley that resembles a crater. The ANZAC fighters knew this area as Sheikh Abbas, which served as a British forward position facing Gaza.
  • 2. The ANZAC Memorial

    2. The ANZAC Memorial

    The ANZAC Memorial commemorates the ANZAC soldiers who fell in battle in the Land of Israel. The monument was designed in the shape of the letter A, the first letter in ANZAC.
  • 3. Tel Gama

    3. Tel Gama

    Tel Gama rises over the western bank of the Besor Stream (Nahal Besor). The hill was a British army position. Lookouts and signaling teams were stationed on the top of the hill.
  • 4. Nahal Assaf Lookout

    4. Nahal Assaf Lookout

    Nahal Assaf is an accessible lookout plaza which features columns recounting the ANZAC story, including the Gaza battles and the conquest of Beersheba. The site is also a loess soil erosion prevention project.
  • 5. Eshkok Park (Nahal Besor)

    5. Eshkok Park (Nahal Besor)

    Around the abundant springs, here the British military built its central water base for its forces on the Gaza-Beersheba front. They also built a dam on the Besor stream that created a reservoir of more than two million litres of water.
  • 6. Tel el-Fara (Seruhen)

    6. Tel el-Fara (Seruhen)

    Tel Seruhen (the southern Tel el-Fara) is adjacent to the banks of Nahal Besor. The Turks left the area without a fight to stabilize a line of defense on the other side of the river.
  • 7. Reservoirs Lookout

    7. Reservoirs Lookout

    These reservoirs in the besor region irrigate some 2,500 acres of orchards. At the foot of the reservoirs is a sign that describes how water was supplied to the ANZACs that operated in the area.
  • 8. Golda Meir Park (Bir Asluj)

    8. Golda Meir Park (Bir Asluj)

    The ANZAC horsemen knew this area as Bir Asluj. The water-rich wells in the area made the spot strategically valuable.
  • 9. Tel Be'er Sheva (Tel el-Saba)

    Tel Be’er Sheva has remains dating from biblical Beersheba. The strong position the Turks established here was a key obstacle to the conquest of the city and the ANZAC troops had to conquer it before storming the city itself.
  • 10. ANZAC Sites in Beer Sheva

    10. ANZAC Sites in Beer Sheva

    The conquest of Beersheba by the ANZAC lighthorse bridgade of the British army on October 31st, 1917, was one of the great victories in the battle to wrest the Land of Israel from the Ottoman Turks.