Tourism Notifications – Northern Israel

Hula Lake - Opening Hours and Updates

Monday to Thursday: 08:00-16:00. Visitors are required to leave by 17:00.
Friday and Saturday: 6:30-16:00. Visitors are required to leave by 17:00.


Hosen Parking - Closure of the Car Park

Located near the graveyard of Moshav Hosen in western Galilee - the car park closed down.

Asam-Porat Car Parks Closure

The Asam-Porat car parks on road 70, between the Eliakim junction and Yokne'am, will be closed from May 22nd until further notice, due to expansion roadworks on road 6. The public can arrive at Sha'ar HaCarmel car parks on road 672, north of Eliakim.

Keren HaCarmel Recreation Area

The public restrooms at the area are closed until further notice.

Hof HaCarmel Forest – Closure of the Public restrooms at the Ofer Tower

The public restrooms at the Ofer tower are closed until further notice.

Cabri Ga'aton Forest - Har Betah Car Park

The car park closed down.

Cabri Ga'aton Forest - Ga'aton Car Park

The car park is closed until further notice.

Goren Park– Closure of the Public Restrooms in the Park

The public restrooms are closed until further notice.

Adamit Park– Closure of the Public Restrooms in the Park

The public restrooms are closed until further notice.

Orvim Park – Active Recreation Facilities are Out of Order

The use of active recreation facilities in the park is forbidden due to safety hazards. The facilities are out of order until further notice.

Biriya Forest – Reconstruction Works at the Synagogue

Reconstruction works are held at the Nabratein synagogue in the forest.

Biriya Forest – Closure of the Restrooms at the Biriya Fortress

The restrooms at the Biriya Fortress are closed until further notice.

Beit Keshet Landscape Road - Closure of the Mandatory Pines Section

The Mandatory Pines section will be closed from all directions: Dvoria, Ma'ahal, and Har Tavor overlook. Entrance to the Barak Steram will only be possible from the Churchill recreation area (Nof Hagalil).

Harei Naftali Forest - Ha'Ela Recreation Area

Water supply to the area has been deactivated due to acts of vandalism.

Ramot Menashe-Megido Trail - New Marking

New marking along the Ramot Menashe-Megido trail takes place, on a new path designed with the Megido Regional Council.

Several sections of the old path will be included in the new trail, other sections will be changed to 'regular' marking (not that of long trails) and some sections will be cancelled.

For this reason, marking on the trail is only partial. Do not follow the current marking while traveling. An announcement of the new trail will be made in a few months.

Beit Keshet Forest - Closure of a Road Section

The road from the Churchill recreation area to the Barak Stream recreation area is closed for both vehicles and foot travelers.

Tzipori Forest

  • Due to polluting sewage that washed into the Tzipori stream, the public is advised to avoid contact and keep a distance from the stream's water.
  • The Nahal Tzipori trail is closed to travelers until further notice due to hazards.

Harei Naftali Forest – Climbing Sites

Climbing sites at the forest are closed until further notice.

Zavit Cave - Closure

The Zavit Cave at the Upper Galilee is a unique natural phenomenon, with amazing corals, stalactites and stalagmites that keep developing to this very day. The cave is known as the "Salamander Cave" due to the increased presence of salamanders in it.
Other than the salamanders, the cave also hosts four different species of bats, who reproduce within the cave and go finding food outside at night.
In the past few years, many travelers have visited the cave, unintentionally damaging its natural structure and fauna.
The Israeli law protects the bats, stalactites, stalagmites and salamanders who live in the cave, and any harm caused to them is an offence.
KKL-JNF in collaboration with other nature preservation and cave research organization has started the process of ecological rehabilitation of the cave. The cave will therefore be closed from October 30, 2022 to June 30, 2023.

Upward Road to Mount Tavor

Travelers on the upward road to Mount Tavor should drive with extra caution, due to a dangerous hazard - a section in which the guard railing is broken.

Harei Naftali Landscape Road

On February 3, from 08:00 to 12:00, the section going from the Geological Recreation Area to Tel Hai will be closed due to a ceremony taking place in the site.