The Reservoirs Lookout

After passing the Rabuba Well on the Nahal Besor scenic route (Derech HaBesor), you will arrive at the reservoir lookout, which is the 7th signposted stop on the ANZAC Trail. The observation point overlooks the three Besor reservoirs, whose water is used to irrigate the agricultural fields of the western Negev. From the lookout, you can see the Yatir region and Be'er Sheva to the north, and as far as the city of Ashkelon to the south. In the evening, one can witness an amazing spectacle of twinkling lights from the nearby localities.
The reservoirs absorb the floodwater flowing into the stream and purified sewage from the Dan Region. The reservoirs, which have a capacity of 7 million cubic meters, irrigate about 10,000 dunams of orchards planted alongside the ANZAC Trail. The reservoirs were built by KKL-JNF with the support of JNF Australia, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Besor Shikma Drainage Authority. 
The ANZAC signs at the Reservoir Observatory discuss the supply of water to the British forces, who created a 40 km front line in Nahal Besor.

From here the route is short to the southern end of Derech Habesor, near Kibbutz Tze'elim.
Naturally, you must stop at the suspension bridge over the stream, the longest in Israel,  in order to enjoy the experience to its fullest.