The Badlands Lookout at Be’eri

The Badlands Lookout at Be'eri is the first signposted stop on the ANZAC Trail.
The Badlands Lookout overlooks a valley that resembles a crater.
The ANZAC fighters knew this area as Sheikh Abbas, after the sheikh’s grave that was located at the time about a kilometer east of the lookout. Sheikh Abbas served as a British forward position facing Gaza. From the lookout one can clearly see the Ali al-Muntar ridge, where the Turkish forces defending Gaza were stationed. During World War I, Gaza City was at the western foot of the ridge; today, the city’s structures cover the entire ridge.
To get there: Turn from Route 232 to Kibbutz Be’eri. Drive another 50 meters and turn northward (right). Proceed another 900 meters along the dirt road to the lookout.