Live From the Hula Lake

The Hula Valley Lake is located in one of the world's most valuable spots for migrating birds. During the autumn and spring migrating seasons, over a billion birds passes through the Hula Valley (500 million during each season). So far, About 300 different bird species were spotted in the valley. A few thousands of them choose to stay, even during the winter season, while others come in the spring and the summer. The lake is used by migrating birds as a resting spot and as a source of food.

Following a long development process aimed at turning the site into an international birdwatching park, KKL-JNF has initiated a unique technology project for the benefit of both professional and amateur birdwatchers from all over the world. The project includes an infrastructure of electric power cables, few kilometers of fiber optic communication lines and wireless systems, supporting a system of eight online super zoom cameras controlled via a control center and real-time broadcast screens at our new visitor's center  from eight different spots on lake grounds.