Israel 2040: KKL-JNF Builds the Land of Tomorrow

The Israel 2040 project will turn the Negev and the Galilee into Israel's new engine of growth over the next two decades.


Israel 2040
, a national program led by Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund, was established to address the ever-widening gaps between central Israeli cities and peripheral towns (particularly in the Negev desert region and the Galilee) and to strengthen Israel’s outlying areas. Israel 2040 is being carried in collaboration with friends and partners around the world, the Israeli government, the IDF, Israeli academia and the local and international business sectors, among others.

Israel 2040 aims to bring about true change in Israeli society - through expanding the borders of “Startup Nation” to the Galilee and Negev; strengthening Israel’s peripheral regions technologically, demographically and economically; and encouraging 1.5 million Israelis to settle in the Negev and the Galilee.

Israel 2040 is the 21st century version of KKL-JNF’s initial mandate to redeem and develop the land. In fact, the organization’s new challenge is to forge a connection throughout the country between the land, society and technology.

KKL-JNF knows that it is possible to influence reality, generate social and economic change on a national scale, and to significantly advance hi-tech in Israel’s southern and northern regions.

Visit the Israel 2040 website » (Hebrew only, English version coming soon)

Vision and goals

Israel 2040 is powered by a vision of utmost importance: changing the current reality that excludes the periphery from the fruits of Israel’s high-tech scene, by transforming the Negev and the Galilee into the national engine of growth over the next two decades.

To make this vision a reality a strategic and all-encompassing program has been formulated, comprising of the following foundational cornerstones:
  • Encouraging 1.5 million citizens to settle in the Negev and the Galilee
  • Turning the Negev and Galilee into leading hi-tech centers that form an inseparable part of Startup Nation
  • Initiating and carrying out a variety of projects in order to strengthen the periphery’s economic resilience

Attainment of the program’s goals by 2040 will transform Israel into a country powered by its economic, technological and human strength - a strength built on the unique abilities of its citizens and the interconnectedness between all parts of the State of Israel.

Implementation in action

As a national organization, KKL-JNF is leading the program and coordinating the activities of all participating bodies. KKL-JNF’s strategic perspective, as well as its proven success in community development, national and international cooperation, and on-the-ground implementation make it uniquely placed to spearhead this comprehensive project.

The Israel 2040 program is centered on four main axes:
  • Development- Preparing and developing the land and creating an attractive, state-of-the-art residential experience
  • Progressive and innovative employment- Opening up entrepreneurial centers and incubators and building parks for hi-tech and knowledge-based industries
  • Education and community- Investing in the future generations through quality schools and scholarships and incentives for students to study science and technology
  • Jewish peoplehood – promoting foreign investment, encouraging Aliyah, and creating value for technology companies in the Negev and the Galilee

Israel 2040 in numbers

  • 2040, the chosen target year
  • 1,000,000 citizens projected to move to the Negev
  • 500,000 citizens projected to move to the Galilee
  • 750 startup companies projected to operate in the periphery
    150,000 new immigrants projected to move to the Negev and Galilee
  • 30 campuses for research and development to be opened in the peripheral regions

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