Volunteering throughout the country

Community Forest Trustees
Community Forest Trustees are residents who are ready to contribute of their time and energy to help advance the cause of their local forest.

Volunteering in the North

Volunteering in Biriya Forest
KKL-JNF invites the residents of the Galilee to join the Biriya Forest volunteers in preserving the forest and the fortress.

Volunteering in the Center

Residents of Netanya and the Surrounding Area: Come Volunteer in the Ilanot Forest
A group is being organized of residents of Netanya and the surrounding area who enjoy being out in nature and to whom it is important to preserve the environment in which they live.

Volunteering in Horashim Forest
A group of residents from the communities around Horshim Forest formed the "Horashim Forest Trustees Commandos" and is recruiting additional volunteers.

Riding and volunteering in the Ben Shemen Region
KKL-JNF and the Israel Cycling Federation invite all bike riders to join the group of volunteer cyclists who patrol the paths of the Ben Shemen Forest region.

Volunteering for the Sataf
Come join us in the Sataf in the Jerusalem mountains, to connect to the roots that have linked us to this part of the country since Biblical times, and be part of the team that cultivates this unique corner of beauty

Volunteering in the South

Volunteering in the International Bird Center and Holland Park in Eilat
Join us in doing meaningful work on behalf of the migratory birds, doing gardening, maintenance, research and guiding in the parks.

Volunteering in Jerusalem

Volunteering in the photo archives of KKL-JNF in Jerusalem
There are over a million pictures in KKL-JNF's photo archives, beginning from the early days of the twentieth century until today. The archives need help in many different areas having to do with the care and organization of the pictures - things that need to be done in order to preserve the information about, and heritage of, KKL-JNF, the land of Israel and the State of Israel, for future generations.

Volunteering in the KKL-JNF Documents and Exhibits Archive in Jerusalem
Those interested in history, geography and deepening their knowledge of the land are invited to volunteer in KKL-JNF's archive and assist us in preserving and recording KKL-JNF's documents for future generations.