General information for regular volunteers

KKL-JNF welcomes all those joining its ranks of volunteers and thanks them for their readiness to take part in its activities. KKL-JNF views volunteers as its partners in the projects that it leads for the benefit of the Israeli public and promises to respect the volunteers' wishes, provide them with proper training and the equipment required to perform their jobs, and insure their activities. For their part, the volunteers accept upon themselves to act according to KKL-JNF's policy guidelines.

The Rights and Obligations of Regular Volunteers

In order to ensure the volunteers' status and proper functioning, KKL-JNF undertakes to:
  • Respect the volunteer's wishes and do its best to place him in an appropriate position.
  • Provide information about KKL-JNF and how it works, and integrate him into the volunteers' training program.
  • Provide individual guidance to enable optimal job performance, the equipment required to perform the job and feedback on his work.

The volunteer undertakes to work according to the KKL-JNF's policy guidelines, and therefore to:

  • Represent KKL-JNF in his job, be polite and considerate of people.
  • Maintain proper teamwork and work collaboratively with his colleagues on the task at hand.
  • Take part in KKL-JNF's volunteer training programs, upon taking up his position and throughout his tenure, in order to ensure proper service and function.
  • Work according to proper procedures and instructions that obligate volunteers, and carry out the tasks.


  • Volunteering requires presenting oneself in a KKL-JNF uniform that will be provided to the volunteer.
  • KKL-JNF will insure the volunteers in accordance with the National Insurance Law.
  • Travel reimbursement - up to NIS50 per day of volunteering. The reimbursement will be calculated according to the price of a ticket on public transportation from the volunteer's home to where he volunteers, up to the sum of NIS220 per month. Community Forest Trustees are not eligible for reimbursement of expenses.
  • The volunteer period is one year. One can request annually to volunteer for another year.
  • In case of a request by the volunteer or KKL-JNF to cease volunteering, a meeting will be held to examine how to stop volunteering and when.

Insurance for Volunteers

KKL-JNF insures its activities and property with appropriate insurance, such as property insurance, employer liability insurance, third party insurance, liability insurance for officers, and the like. Every person who deals with volunteers in the organization has the responsibility to fill out forms as required that will constitute a guarantee of the volunteers' insurance.

The following are several points of emphasis regarding volunteers' insurance at KKL-JNF:

1. Regular volunteer at KKL-JNF
A volunteer at KKL-JNF sites is insured by the National Insurance Institute through the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs. If someone is injured during his volunteer work, he will be recognized by the National Insurance Institute as a volunteer who as been injured in a work accident. The National Insurance Law provides such an injured party with all the rights of one who has had a work accident.
Every new/veteran volunteer must fill out the Volunteer Referral Form for the National Insurance Institute, and give a copy of it to the director of the Volunteers Department.

2. Temporary volunteers at KKL-JNF sites:
For a volunteer job of up to several hours in cleaning forests / pruning / collecting trimmed foliage, etc., which is done by soldiers, students and similar others, a list of names must be submitted in advance to the Community Forest coordinator in the region where the voluntarism is taking place, for registration as a National Insurance volunteer.

3. Insurance of those working in KKL-JNF's name
A volunteer working in KKL-JNF's name or on its behalf shall receive protection from the insurance company in case he is sued due to his voluntary activity in civil cases only (not criminal).