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Geographic location: Arava and Eilat highlands

Many people consider Timna Park one of the best places in Israel for desert cycling. With its unique landscape features - Solomon’s Pillars, the lake, the Mushroom, the Arches and the copper mines -  and five marked cycling routes, the park is the perfect place to spend the day the family. Just come and enjoy!

Timna Park
Geographic location: Jerusalem, Judean highlands and surroundings
Har Tayyasim (“Pilots’ Mountain”) in the Jerusalem Hills is a major Israeli Air Force memorial site.
Walking from Har Tayyasim to Ein Tayyasim
Geographic location: Sea of Galilee, the valleys and lower Galilee
The Givat HaMoreh summit provides magnificent views of the gullies, moshavim, kibbutzim and farmland in the Lower Galilee, and lends the water reservoirs set among the fields the appearance of precious blue stones.
Walking the Nazareth Iris Trail - Lower Galilee
Geographic location: Sharon and coastal plains

The Upper Yarkon River is a nature spot of rare beauty and importance. New bridges have expanded touring possibilities. The following is a description of a hike from the Concrete House Bridge to the Yarkon Source Bridge.

Yarkon Bridges
Geographic location: Northern and western Negev
Embark on a tree-filled excursion amid the landscapes of Israel’s largest forest, which extends over an area of some forty thousand dunam (approximately 10,000 acres).
Yatir Forest, Israel’s largest forest
Geographic location: Northern and western Negev

A little out of the way, in the hills of the northern Negev, there are green groves and a manmade lake in the middle of the desert.  After years of neglect, an effluents recycling plant was finally constructed on the outskirts of Yeruham, helping to revive the lake, and you are invited to make your way down south and come for a visit.

Yeruham Park and Lake
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