The Peace Lookout

Hebrew name: Mitzpor HaShalom

HaShalom Road in the central Arava

Driving along the Peace Road (Derech HaShalom) towards the lookout is a trip in its own right. One stop on the way at the Hatzeva reservoir, via a road that branches out eastwards from HaShalom road (signage is posted). KKL-JNF has established the reservoir as part of a series of reservoirs in the Arava. The capacity of the reservoir is 1.8 million cubic meters, and it spans across 50 hectares. The reservoir collects floodwaters, which are then used for irrigating of the fields of Moshav Hatzeva, and for the dilution of brackish water drawn in nearby drilling operations. The Peace Lookout is located 1.1 km southwards of the entry to the reservoir.
The lookout terrace, complete with pergola roofing, was built with shapes and colors that integrate well into the environment. Recognition pillars list the donors, Friends of KKL-JNF, who assist the Arava communities. The spot provides a view towards the impressive landscape of the Arava Stream (Nahal Arava) and the Edom Mountains. At the foot of the observatory one finds a short circular path, leading one through small clefts of lissan marl. Lissan marl is created by sediments which were layered into a lake which lay, tens of thousands of years ago, between the Hatzeva region and the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). The water level in the lake sank and the rocks were exposed. As lissan marl is a very soft type of rock, it is easily grooved and cut apart by the rains.

Directions: From the Arava Road (road 90) you turn towards Moshav Idan. The entry to Peace Road is before the Moshav gate. The Peace Lookout is 1.1km southwards of the entry to the Hatzeva reservoir.

The Peace Lookout in the Central Arava. KKL-JNF Photo Archive
The Peace Lookout in the Central Arava. KKL-JNF Photo Archive