Hofira Lookout Point

Hebrew name: Mitzpor Hofira
Location: HaShalom Road in the Central Arava
DescriptionA lookout platform with pergola roofing, which is one of the lookouts along the Peace Road (Derech HaShalom). One gets a pretty view towards the fields of Moshav Ein Yahav, an estuary of crevices that lead into the Arava Stream (Nahal Arava), Mount Hatzera and Ma’ale Akrabim to the west and the Edom Mountains in Jordan. There, one can depict Jabel Harun, in which, according to tradition, Aharon, Moses’ brother, was buried. Signs placed around the lookout provide explanations. The Peace Road should not be traveled after dark.
The Hofira Lookout Point is located at the southern part of Derech HaShalom – a fascinating drive, going along the border between the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan. Along the road, travelers can enjoy the view of the agricultural fields of Moshavim Idan, Hatzeva and Ein Yahav from lookout points directed at the landscapes of the Nahal Arava and the Edom Mountains, look over the water reservoirs that irrigate the Arava fields, and walk around the picturesque ravines of the lissan marl rocks.

Directions:  Enter Peace Road from Kibbutz Ein Yahav and drive two kilometers between the greenhouses, according to the signage on Peace Road.