Black Arrow Memorial Lookout

Hebrew name: Andartat Hetz Shahor
Location: Gaza Envelope, near Kibbutz Mefalsim
DescriptionThe impressive memorial, which overlooks the Jabalia and Gaza city area, returns us to the battle legacy of the Israeli paratroopers and to the days of the retaliatory actions in the 1950’s. The memorial contains stone pillars bearing descriptions of the paratroopers’ retaliatory actions, as well as schemes of battles fought by the corps. Another memorial commemorates the fallen soldiers. Near the memorial, KKL-JNF has placed a recreation area with picnic tables. Slightly southwards to the memorial you can find the Armistice House - a single-storey house with a tiled roof. KKL-JNF has renovated the building, which had served the delegations of the Israeli armistice committee on their way to meet the Egyptian representatives to negotiate a ceasefire.
Directions:  Road 232, about 800 meters west of the entry to Kibbutz Mefalsim.