Assaf Siboni Scenic Lookout

Hebrew name: Mitzpor Assaf Siboni
Location: Near Kibbutz Nir Am, Southern coastal plain
DescriptionAssaf Siboni, a warrior in the Nahal Brigade, was killed in the Helicopter Disaster. On February 4th, 1997, two Yasur helicopter collided on their way to the IDF posts in the security strip in Southern Lebanon. 73 IDF soldiers were killed in this disaster, which was mourned nationwide. This moving observatory, west of the Nir Am reservoir, was built in memory of Assaf, who was a member of the Kibbutz. 20 wind flutes hang in the center of the observatory. They resonate when the wind blows and their music spreads over the top of the hill. Each flute represents a year in Assaf Siboni’s life. The railing in front of the reservoir is studded with ceramic plates, showing drawings of birds typical of the reservoir. The observatory provides one of the best vantage points over the Gaza Strip, and especially over Jabalia, which is right in front of it, and over Gaza City to its west. 
Directions:  Drive along the access road to Kibbutz Nir Am, and turn to the left before the Kibbutz gate. You pass by the water museum and after1.1 km you reach the Nir Am reservoir observatory. From that point you continue southwards about 500 meters, turn to the right and drive 500 m more, until reaching the Assaf Siboni Observatory.