A Bridge at Nesher Park

Hebrew name: HaGesher BePark Nesher
Location: Nesher (Carmel)
Description: This is not an actual observation point, but the two hanging bridges in Nesher Park that span the deep channel of Nahal Katia, provide a rare view of the slope beneath the University of Haifa, which is entirely covered by a natural, well-developed forest.

To walk on the slightly swaying bridges, which are about 70 meters in length, is an experience. There is also a walking path that crosses the river on one bridge and returns via the other bridge. The first bridge can be reached by an easy, unpaved path along the northern bank of the stream; this is a 10 minute walk. One can also actually cross the river bed itself and walk to the bridge on the slope of the southern bank, in the heart of nature. This path offers forest foliage as well as views of the stream and the green slopes of the Carmel, and takes about a half hour.

Directions: Approach the site from Haruv Street in Nesher.

Link to map of KKL-JNF scenic lookouts around Israel
A Bridge at Nesher Park. Photo: KKL-JNF Archive