9/11 Living Memorial

Hebrew name: Andartat HaTeomim
Location: Jerusalem Park
Description: An memorial established by KKL-JNF in the heart of Natua Forest, on top of a hill overlooking Ha’arazim Valley and Nahal Soreq.  In the heart of this plaza, artist Eliezer Weishoff has installed a large 9-meter tall bronze sculpture.  The sculpture is in the shape of an American flag and its upper part looks like a flame reaching for the sky. 
In a glass window at the base of the statue is a metal shard from the foundation of one of the fallen Twin Towers. 
Memorial plaques on the wall around the plaza commemorate the nearly 3000 names of people who perished in the disaster, including five Israelis. Ha’Arazim Valley is part of Jerusalem Park, a green belt of parks, forests and groves that surround the capital. 
Below the memorial is the Einot Telem National Park, featuring small springs that flow from the stone precipice, and the remains of the small Jewish settlement Beit Talma, which was built in 1906 and eventually abandoned.  At the edge of the national park is the Sdeh Telem Park, where enlarged childhood board games sculpted from stone may be found. 
Families and groups are invited to roll up their sleeves, gather stones that can be used as game pieces, and start playing.
How to get there:  From Golda Meir Avenue in Jerusalem (Route 436), for those coming from the north, near the Golda Meir Interchange.