Tel Azeka Scenic Lookout

Hebrew name: Tel Azeka

British Park, Judean Plain

Description: A beautiful view from the high summit of Tel Azeka overlooks the Ha’Ela Valley to the east, the site of the battle between David and Goliath, as described in the Bible. Tel Tzafit, associated with Philistine Gat, the city of Goliath, can be seen to the west and beyond is the Coastal Plain, between Tel Aviv and Ashkelon. At the foot of the Tel, KKL-JNF has built a picnic area. To reach the top of the Tel, one must climb a short footpath, a 2-minute climb. Tel Azeka is on the northern edge of British Park. The park spans an area of 40,000 dunams (some 10,000 acres), on the slopes of hills that rise more than 400 meters above sea level. This is an area rich in planted forest, natural woodland and archeological sites.

Directions: From Beit Shemesh, travel south on Route 383. At the Tel Azeka Junction (near Moshav Zecharia), turn west on Route 383. Travel 1.5 kilometers until the gate of British Park on the left. Travel the park’s paved road for 1.8 kilometers until you reach an intersection. Turn north (left) to reach the foot of Tel Azeka.

Tel Azeka lookout over the Judean Plain. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive