Plant a Tree in Israel with Your Own Hands

Please note: Tree planting must be coordinated with KKL-JNF in advance.

About Planting a Tree in Israel

"And when come into the land, and plant all kinds of trees…" (Leviticus, 19:23)


KKL-JNF invites you to plant a tree with you own hands in the land of Israel.

In honor of this unique experience, you will receive a beautiful tree planting certificate and a copy of the special Planter's Prayer.

Your connection to Israel will be rooted deeply in the land, and will last forever. 

Since 1901, KKL-JNF has planted over 240 million trees in Israel. This work is just as important today as it ever was.

Trees remind us of our roots and of our intrinsic potential to grow and reach great heights.Plant a tree with your own hands, and leave roots that will flourish and help contribute to a greener, better tomorrow.

KKL-JNF has two tree planting centers, one located in Nachshon Forest in the Judean Lowlands, and the second, for tourists visiting the Galilee, is located near the Golani Junction, in the Lavi forest, near Tiberias.

Judean Foothills Tree Planting Center - Tzora Forest

KKL-JNF has established its new planting center in the Tzora Forest. This area sustained great damage during the August 2015 fire. Your planting will aid its recovery.
From Jerusalem
Drive on Highway no.1 and turn right onto the Beit Shemesh interchange.
On route no.38 proceed to the Shimshon Junction and turn right onto route no.44 toward Ramla (Nachshon Junction). Keep straight at the roundabout and look to your left for a brown sign saying Tzora (Tsor'a) Forest.
Due to heavy traffic on route 38 it is recommended to proceed to Latrun Interchange, turn left onto route no.3, turn left at the Nachshon– Junction on to route no.44 and right at the Tzora Forest sign.
From Tel Aviv
Turn right at the Latrun Interchange and right to route no.3. At Nachshon Junction, turn left onto route no.44 and look to your right for a brown sign saying Tzora Forest.
From the South and the Judean Plane
Turn right at the Nachshon Junction and drive on route no.44; look to your right for a brown sign saying Tzora Forest.


Map of the Tzora Forest Planting Center:

 Download map (PDF)