Jabotinsky-Shuni Park

An immersive experience in ancient Rome, sculpture and Jewish pioneer settlement, minutes away from Zichron Yaakov.

Information card

Location: The Shuni site lies around two kilometers to the north of Binyamina, adjacent to the road that leads to Zichron Yaakov (Route no. 652).
The Museum of Archaeology and the Achiam Museum of Israeli Sculpture
Management: KKL-JNF
Opening Hours: 
  • The Achiam Museum of Israeli Sculpture
    Sunday-Thursday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


  • Archaelogical Museum:
    Closed until further notice
Entry: Free
Note: Visits must be coordinated in advance, by contacting Danny Hanukkah on 050-7497073
The Museum of Settlement and the Etzel Museum
Management: Shuni chapter of Brit Chayalei Etzel (Etzel Fighters Association)
Contact: Itzik
Telephone: 04-6389730
Opening hours: Visits must be coordinated ahead of time by contacting Itzik on 04-6389730 or by email at itziksim@yahoo.com
Entry: Fee

About Jabotinsky-Shuni Park

The Jabotinsky-Shuni Park, located on the road between Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov, is a true pearl of nature. It boasts a spectacular amphithater from the Roman period, with views over the area; a monument to the Acre prison breakers; four fascinating museums; shade trees; lawns and picnic areas. 
The four museums each show a piece of the heritage, nature and culture connected to the Land of Israel. They are: The archaeology Museum, The Achiam Museum for Israeli Sculpture, The Museum of Settlement, and The Etzel Museum.
In this park, which is managed by KKL-JNF, you can get the best of all worlds - nature, history, heritage, art and interest immersed in scenery and tranquility.

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