"Theory or Practice in a Galilean Atmosphere": Biriya Forest

When: 10.9.2020 17:00
Audience: families with children
Site name: Biriya Forest
Pay: Token Fee
Start time: 17:00
Location: Ein Zeitim Park

Thursday | 21 Elul, 5780 | September 10, 2020 | 17:00
A walk in a scenic Galilean road, from Ein Zeitim Park to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai tomb.

We will start this tour early in the evening at Ein Zeitim Park, situated on a scenic Galilean road. From there we will proceed to visit the tomb of Rabbi Tarfon and enchanting pathways through forest, natural thicket and planted thicket and end our tour with a visit to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. This tour will include musicians, lanterns, bonfires and baking focaccias.
During the month of Elul, Keren Kayemet LeIsrael–The Jewish National Fund will organize a variety of selichot tours all around Israel, under strict compliance with the Ministry of Health's guidelines during the coronavirus crisis.
Against the backdrop of unrest in Israeli society in the shadow of the coronavirus crisis, the main theme of this year's selichot tours will be mutual responsibility and they will include discussion circles on various different subjects. These tours will be led by KKL–JNF guides and they will include a variety of attractions, including Musicians, actors, meetings with gabbaim from synagogues and yeshivas, lighting bonfires and baking focaccias, lanterns and more, each tour with its own unique extras.
Daniel Attar, Chairman of KKL–JNF: "Every year, selichot tours are an emotional event in its importance and its message. This time however, in the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic that strikes the world and the State of Israel, selichot tours have an additional meaning. We invite the general public to participate in KKL–JNF's selichot tours, to come together and to enjoy the various additional attractions in these tours".
This tour will take place on Thursdays, 27.8 and 10.9, starting at 17:00.
Due to the restrictions imposed by coronavirus pandemic, these events may only take place in capsules of 20 people.
You need to sign up in advance.
Signing up involves a token payment.
The number of participants is limited.


This is a mostly vehicular tour with little walking. It is suitable for families with children.

Sign up with Odaya Bilig at odayab@kkl.org.il / 054-9138343