Recreation Areas

The following are some rules about maintaining cleanliness and lighting fires in KKL-JNF recreation areas throughout the country:
Maintaining Cleanliness:
Please bring large, opaque garbage bags from home for collecting your trash and seal them well before disposing of them. At the end of your stay, while we recommend that you take the garbage with you to prevent wild animals from scattering it in the forest, if you cannot do so, please remember that the garbage should be left only in designated areas.
If there is no room in the garbage containers in the recreation areas, please tie the bags up tightly and place them next to the bins. Please do not tie garbage bags to trees or tree-branches.
Lighting Fires:
  • Due to the danger of forest fires, fires may not be lit in the forest except in the designated areas.
  • In some KKL-JNF recreation areas there are grills set up in those areas, while in others there are flat surfaces on which you are welcome to set up your grill.
  • For your convenience, there are barrels in these areas where you can throw out your charcoal when you have finished your barbecue.