Shoresh Overnight Camping Site

The site is located next to the road from Shoeva Junction to the Masrek Nature Reserve, where Command Post 15 operated in the War of Independence. A short distance south of the Camping Site is a spectacular observation point that overlooks Nahal Kisalon and the Jerusalem Hills.

On the site: Drinking water, campfire circles (there are picnic tables in the adjacent camping site).

Nearby sites: Easy access to the best hiking trails in the Jerusalem Hills: the Masrek Nature Reserve, Nahal Kisalon (Anne Frank Memorial, Bnei Brit Cave), the Command Post Ridge with gorgeous views of Highway 1, Burma Road, and the Mahal Memorial trail. 

Location: Access is about 220m west of Shoresh, next to Route 3995..
Maximum capcacity: 600 visitors
Group registration: