Mount Eitan Overnight Camping Site, Sataf Forest

Mount Eitan is located in the heart of the Jerusalem Hills area that was burnt in the raging wildfires of August 2021. However, the site is still open and invites hikers to camp out and go on hikes in the surrounding area.

On the site: Drinking water, campfire circles (there are picnic tables in the adjacent camping site).

Nearby sites: The Mount Eitan loop trail, the Sataf springs and trails (undamaged), the Pilots' Mountain Nature Reserve (badly damaged from the fires), the Mount Heret trail, Ein Handek, and bike trails. 

Location: From the upper parking lot of Sataf, there is a short, paved road leading to the site. Waze: Har Etan.
Maximum capcacity: 600 visitors
Group registration: