Hurvat Hanut Overnight Camping Site, American Independence Park

Hurvat Hanut (Hanut Ruins) is located in the Jerusalem Hills, not far from Moshav Mata. The park has many camping sites and hiking trails.

On the site: Picnic tables, some wheelchair-accessible, drinking water, campfire circles, remains of a Byzantine-period monastery featuring an incredible mosaic floor, an impressive water pool, and a large wine press. According to local folklore, a large cairn is believed to be Goliath's grave.

Nearby sites: A hiking trail to Ein Mata and Ein Tanur, Caesar Trail - an easy trail descending the hill, and a section of the Israel National Trail that descends to the Netiv HaLamed Heh Kibbutz and Tell Azeka. 

Location: Hurvat Hanut is located north of the Elah Valley-Tzur Hadassah Junction Road (Route 375), next to the 11th km marker Waze: Hurvat Hanut (חורבת חנות).
Maximum capcacity: 500 visitors
Group registration: