Bar Giora Overnight Camping Site, Begin Park

The camping site is located near the Bar Giora park gate, close to the park entrance.

On the site: Picnic tables, some wheelchair-accessible, campfire circles, drinking water, a children's playground, and camping areas.

Nearby sites: Hurvat Hanut (Hanut Ruins), which houses the remains of a Byzantine-period monastery featuring an incredible mosaic, a section of the Israel National Trail that descends to Ein Mata, the Caesar trail (an easy hiking trail), Nahal Katlav (for experienced hikers), the Begin Park scenic route (off-road trail), and Ein Kobi. 

Location: The camping site is located about a km east of the entrance to the Bar Giora moshav (Route 386, next to the 15 km marker). Waze: Campsite Bar Giora.
Maximum capcacity: 1,000 visitors
Group registration: Ben Itzhak 02-9969228