Accessible Sites

KKL-JNF has devoted considerable resources in recent years to develop suitable facilities for the challenged in its forests and parks. Our aim is to open nature to all sectors of the population, by creating an environment through which challenged people can move safely and comfortably. We have also gone one step forward, and brought nature into the schoolyard with unique projects in special education schools.

KKL-JNF forests, parks and recreation areas are open to the public free of charge and are extremely popular with the Israeli public and visitors from abroad. A recent survey found that more than 12 million people visit them yearly to enjoy quality time in nature.


For Israel’s sizable challenged population, however, even a simple, forest outing becomes a feat. A small ledge, a dirt road, a narrow pass or slope – which most people take in their stride – can become a serious obstacle. Accessibility, however, has many aspects. Some are obvious – moderate gradients, railings, etc. Others relate to visitor reception concepts for KKL-JNF forests that include facilitating orientation and use of forest facilities for all, focusing on the needs of the challenged community.

Accessble trail at Haruvit Park. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

KKL- JNF Forests – For One and All

Making sites accessible to all has many facets:


  • Improving access roads to forest attractions


  • Creating paved trails with suitable gradients for the physically challenged 


  • Installing curbstones to facilitate orientation for the visually challenged and safe transit for wheelchair-ridden visitors 


  • Building wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and cookout grills


  • Building parking areas close to picnic and recreation areas and setting up signs indicating they are suited to the physically challenged 


  • Installing suitable play and sports facilities 


  • Providing suitable signs, audio and aromatic stimuli (e.g. herbs) for the visually challenged to enhance their forest experience 


  • Installing suitable toilets for the physically challenged 

Projects for the Challenged Community

The projects presented here are only a handful of those created with the challenged individual in mind. All of them were developed with the kind help of generous donors from Israel and abroad, who are helping create a better, more welcoming world for the challenged community.


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