Be a Partner in Protecting our Forests

The Forest Fires Season has Begun - Be a Partner in Protecting our Forests!
The season of forest fires begins in May and lasts until October. With the end of winter, KKL-JNF's foresters worked (during the time of the coronavirus) to get forests in shape before the dry, hot weather of May and the summer months to follow.

Their work began with clearing out debris and repairing roads, paths, picnic sites and other infrastructure damaged by winter storms. It continued with thinning and pruning trees, forging firebreaks, and other activities, depending on the needs of a particular forest. This not only helps prevent the spread of fires but also makes the forests safe and ready to receive visitors.

Extreme heat waves, as we are presently experiencing, increase the danger and probability of wildfires and KKL-JNF's firefighters are on the alert and have already begun fighting forest fires throughout the country.

You can be a partner in strengthening the KKL-JNF firefighting system.