Yom Haatzmaut 2021: Facts and Figures

Read about the theme of Israel's 73rd Independence Day; "Kinship and Unity, For we are brothers" and facts and figures on Israel's demographics.

2021 Theme: "Kinship and Unity, For we are brothers"

From the Committee of Ceremonies and Symbols website:
The brotherhood of man, unity and friendship, mutual responsibility, shared destiny and common goal, have been the fundamental characteristics of Israeli society since its establishment. The importance of these values found expression during the coronavirus crisis, when we witnessed their immense contribution to all our lives. On the occasion of its 73rd Independence Day, the State of Israel will extol Israel for its kinship and unity and salute the citizens who work to cultivate social resilience and deepen the country's shared and unifying values and goals.
Accordingly, the committee has bequeathed the honor of lighting the 14 traditional Independence Day torches to candidates who are activists in connecting different parts of Israeli society. The ceremony will be broadcast on April 14, 2021, at 07:45 PM Israel time.
Israel's Demographics
  • Towards its 73rd Independence Day, Israel's residents number 9.327 million.
  • When the State of Israel was established, the population was 806,000.
  • Today the Jewish population numbers 6.894 million, 73.9% of the total population.
  • The Arab population numbers 1.966 million (21.1%).
  • Others, including non-Arab Christians, people of other religions, and those lacking a religious category at the Interior Ministry, number 467 thousand (5%)
  • Since last year's Independence Day, there has been a population increase of 137,000 people, an increase of 1.5%. 
  • In the past year, 167,000 new Israelis were born, 16,300 new immigrants arrived, and 50,000 Israelis died.
  • Today, there are an estimated 14.8 million Jews in the world, and 46% of them - almost half - live in Israel.
  • In 1948, there were 11.5 million Jews, and only 6% of them lived in Israel.
  • Today, 78% of the country's Jews are "Sabras" (born in Israel).
  • As of 2020, Jerusalem remains Israel's largest city, with 942,800 residents (10% of Israel's population). Jerusalem has the largest Jewish population in Israel (569,900), and the largest Arab population (349,600)
  • At the founding of the State, there were only 3 cities with populations of over 100,000 people. Today, there are 15 cities with populations of 100,000 or more.