Timna Park

Tour Information

Timna Park, some 25 kilometers from Eilat, is in the heart of the Timna Valley. This horseshoe-shaped valley, bordered by high cliffs and two large streams, has Timna Mountain in its center. The breathtakingly beautiful valley provides a “geological window” exposing visitors to multiple layers of rock containing many minerals from ancient times. The concentration of the minerals gave the rocks various hues, special shapes and even led the ancients who lived in the area to mine the rocks and find copper that served them in many ways. The park boasts the oldest mine in the world, from the period when man first learned to produce copper and sparked a technological revolution in human history by using metal for daily use. Visitors to the park are welcome to learn about all this unique geological and human activity.

When the modern copper-mining factory was closed in the 1970s, the site began extensive development for tourism. Today you can find a light-&-sound show about the history of the place at the entrance to the park. There are about seven sites in the park, including a visitors center with explanations, and you can spend a while getting to know the unique beauty of each site. Nowadays, the park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, all of them experiencing it in their own way: walking, driving, cycling, jeep trips, or rock climbing. The breathtaking view of the acacia trees, rocks and desert vegetation, juxtaposed with the roaming herds of antelopes and the ibexes that can be seen above the cliffs also provide park visitors with an unforgettable experience. The development of Timna Park and its bicycle routes was made possible thanks to the support of friends of KKL-JNF in the United States and Europe.

There are five bicycle routes in the park for all levels. Two of the routes are easy and suit families with children; two are medium and one is difficult, only for experienced cyclists with the suitable fitness level. The routes all begin at the lake in the middle of the park and are marked with arrows in the direction of the various park sites. You can enjoy the many services the park has to offer: a map of the park, guided tours, bicycle and helmet rentals, dining at the local restaurant, rescue and aid if necessary, and even a shower when you return from your cycling. All these possibilities undoubtedly give cyclist the maximum advantages for enjoying their desert ride experience.