Research and Development

Support KKL-JNF collaborative research in land and water management, ecosystems, food security, desertification and more, for the sake of a better world.
With your support, KKL-JNF promotes solutions to today’s challenges by:

  • Sponsoring long-term ecological research in forestry, climate change adaptation, eco-system management, water management, and more.


  • Facilitating Hula Valley research on bird migration, species reintroduction, wetland management, and more.


  • Advancing the Nahariya Marine Sciences Research Center


  • Partnering with academic institutions to advance entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel’s underdeveloped regions


  • Supporting R&D stations that use applied science to optimize agricultural production in Israel’s outlying regions, in a way that is both sustainable and profitable.


  • Forming partnerships and sharing knowledge with other countries to advance groundbreaking solutions to global challenges in forestry, water and arid land management, and more.

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