KKL-JNF: 110 Years of Green Action
Thanks to Our Friends in Israel and Abroad

KKL- JNF Facts on the Ground

KKL-JNF activity is a combination of its actions in all different fields – development goes hand in hand with preservation, forestry with research and water cycling with tourism. Our work never stops – we are leading the way to a better, healthier environment – with large open spaces, green forests and recreation areas, and respect for our natural and cultural heritage. We educate today's children, who will become the environmentally conscious citizens of tomorrow, to create a better future for Israel.


Dear Friends,


Over 110 years ago, the Fifth Zionist Congress decided to establish Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, the Jewish National Fund. This heralded a new phase for the Jewish people; a phase of action, of implementing the vision cherished during 2000 long years of exile.


Our mission at KKL-JNF is to make the vision of the Jewish People come true, transforming it into Israel’s new reality. We have worked tirelessly for more than a hundred years, creating fields for cultivation, new communities, more reservoirs and many more forests. We rehabilitate rivers, fight desertification and develop recreation in nature. Supporting the Negev and the Galilee, forging bonds between Jewish youth in Israel and in the Diaspora, improving our environment – all these are only a few of KKL-JNF's many activities.


Our colors – blue, green and brown – represent our major action areas and color the length and breadth of Israel. Over the years, we have developed thousands of projects that have changed the face of the country. KKL-JNF forests are vital to Israel's landscape and environment. We have already planted over 240 million trees and are proud that Israel is the only country in the world that entered the 21st century with more trees than it had at the beginning of the 20th century. More than 220 water reservoirs store recycled water and floodwaters, providing the required irrigation for Israel's agriculture. Thanks to our work less than half of the water used for farming today is fresh water, and our achievements in this field are world-renowned. We rehabilitate wetlands, streams and rivers, heal damaged ecosystems and create gems of nature for everyone's enjoyment. We support communities in the Negev and the Galilee to develop Israel’s periphery, a high national priority.


KKL-JNF is creating a new reality in Israel. We have developed more than a thousand recreation areas and hundreds of kilometers of hiking and bicycle trails, which thousands of people enjoy on weekends and holidays. Most of our sites are accessible to people with disabilities, and all of them are open 24/7 and at no charge.


All this has transpired only thanks to the unswerving support of our friends throughout the world. Together, we have created an unbroken chain of generations who dreamed and pursued the dream's fulfillment. Together, we have created the KKL-JNF brown, green and blue footprint that has left its indelible mark on Israel. Join us – join the unbroken chain of generations who have worked towards fulfilling the dream. Come and leave your mark on the Land of Israel, the birthplace of the Jewish People.



 Efi Stenzler

KKL-JNF World Chairman

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110 Years of Green Action

• Planting & Maintaining Forests and Woodlands – KKL-JNF's work is never done. First we plant and then we maintain and care for our trees and natural woodlands, helping to fight climate change and enrich biodiversity at the same time.
• Forest and Biosphere Parks – KKL-JNF develops and maintains a wide variety of forests and parks. KKL-JNF regional parks encompass large areas and impact positively on the environment and people's quality of life. KKL-JNF forests and parks are perfect places for picnics and to simply enjoy nature.
  Forest Fire Prevention, Firefighting & Rehabilitation – KKL-JNF brings woodlands and forests back to life after devastating fires. Our foresters and firefighters extinguish wildfires with the latest equipment, and implement management strategies to prevent future fires.

• Savannization – Savannization is the most environmentally sound method of desert afforestation, helping to prevent desertification.
• Preventing Soil Erosion – KKL-JNF fights erosion and land degradation which threaten fragile desert ecosystems.
Desert Parks – KKL-JNF brings people to the desert by creating the ideal combination: desert landscapes and recreation.
• Sharing Knowledge in Israel and Abroad – KKL-JNF shares its expertise and experience with many other countries, in the fields of soil conservation, desertification, afforestation, water economy and sustainable agriculture.


 Land Reclamation for Housing, Farming and Security Roads – KKL-JNF uses the latest soil conservation methods to create rich, fertile soil, perfect for producing the highest-quality crops. The secure roads we forge improve safety and security so that farmers can work in peace and children can safely go to school.


 New Community Development – KKL-JNF builds new communities and expands existing ones, which attract young people to live and work there, bringing a much-needed vibrancy to Israel's periphery.


• Parks and Playgrounds that Make a Difference in Peripheral Towns and Cities – KKL-JNF develops parks that create change and make the periphery the place to be. Many of them are wheelchair accessible, in order to provide the best recreational opportunities for one and all.


• Urban and Accessible Parks, Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails – whether you like to walk, run or cycle, KKL-JNF gives you the best routes in nature and near home; trails that are fun, healthy and good for the environment.


• Community Forests – Community forests bring nature into the city, improve health and contribute to the community’s social fabric. Together with KKL-JNF, residents create and take care of facilities for recreation and leisure in forests near their homes.


 For Soldiers and Their Families – KKL-JNF provides Israel's soldiers with beautiful greenery and welcoming picnic areas to enjoy quality time with their visiting families. The worthiest cause in the world!


 Recycled Water Reservoirs – a combination solution that prevents pollution, saves water and provides farmers with an inexpensive source of irrigation. KKL-JNF has over 220 recycled water reservoirs to its credit.


 Flood Damage Repair, Drainage Regulation and Floodwater Reservoirs – KKL-JNF regulates floodwaters, repairs damage and harnesses potentially catastrophic floods to support Israeli farming.


 Spring and River Rehabilitation – KKL-JNF cleans and transforms formerly polluted rivers, and rehabilitates springs and their surroundings, creating a healthy environment that both people and wildlife can enjoy.


 Applying Advanced Environmental Water Purification Techniques – the challenges of Israel's water crisis are being met with KKL-JNF projects such as constructed wetlands and environmentally friendly biofilter technology.



 KKL-JNF is partner to research in the fields of forestry, agriculture, water, carbon sequestration, animal & plant reintroduction, alternative energy sources, and heritage & history.


 Cooperation with Academic Institutions in Israel and Abroad – KKL-JNF trains professional foresters and supports agricultural research, working together with academic institutions for the benefit of people and the environment.


 R&D Stations in the Periphery – KKL-JNF R&D stations around Israel apply scientific research for the improvement of agriculture.



 Field and Forest Educational Centers (FFEC) and Environmental Activities for Youth and People with Special Needs – spending time at a FFEC is a golden opportunity for youth from Israel and abroad to experience the KKL-JNF forest environment. Our inclusive environmental activities help strengthen the bond between people and the land. KKL-JNF also develops school infrastructures and landscapes school grounds.


 Education for Immigrant Students & Peripheral Communities (MAOF) – "MAOF”, the Hebrew word for vision, is the acronym for KKL-JNF’s innovative environmental program aimed at new immigrant students and peripheral communities. KKL-JNF does its best to ensure that no one is left out – wherever they live and whatever their financial situation.


 The Recycling Educational Center at the Duda'im Landfill is the prototype of others like it; a model of solid waste management and an innovative example of a hands-on ecological education experience.



 KKL-JNF Museums, and Summer Activities for Diaspora Youth.


 Forest Service Centers – KKL-JNF provides visitors to its forests with necessary services: information, food and restrooms.


 The Blue Box - The values symbolized by the iconic Blue Box, synonymous with KKL-JNF and the bond between the Jewish people and their land, are perpetuated over the generations through our many activities.



 Forests Open for All - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


 Picnic and Recreation Areas – KKL-JNF has developed many delightful recreation areas and picnic sites for the enjoyment of visitors to the forests.


 Scenic Routes & Lookouts - Roads on which you can drive through some of the most beautiful and varied scenery in Israel, with lookout points along the way.


 Forest Pedestrian and Bicycle Trails - These tracks are created for you to explore KKL-JNF's forests, while taking a healthy walk or bike ride.


 Archaeological & Heritage Sites - KKL-JNF preserves many archaeological and heritage sites, where one can connect to and understand our past.


 Flowering Sites - Natural sites where a plethora of Israel's amazing wildflowers grow, are protected by KKL-JNF for the enjoyment of all.


 Birdwatching - Birdwatching in special sites, from Eilat to the Hula Valley, are best experienced with KKL-JNF.


 Events and Tours for the Public – Tours and events include on-site guiding, information and signage. 

With your support, KKL-JNF:


  • Planted more than 240 million trees.


  • Manages and maintains 40,000 hectares (100,000 acres) of natural woodland.


  • Enhances Israel’s water economy by building reservoirs and dams to impound runoff, floodwaters and recycled water, with a total combined capacity of 160 million cubic meters.


  • Rehabilitates and restores polluted waterways.


  • Built 1,000 recreation areas throughout the country, including leisure areas and regional parks that host tens of thousands of visitors.

  • Develops thousands of kilometers of cycling trails, crisscrossing the width and breadth of the country through forests and open areas, for the public to enjoy, free of charge.

  • Creates a bond between people and their environment by organizing recreational and cultural activities in nature for everyone.


  • Conserves the environment, rolls back the desert and creates shady green sites in army camps and southern communities.

  • Carries out cutting-edge research which is applied to water conservation, sustainable forestry, prevention of soil erosion, modern agriculture and related environmental issues.

  • Partners with international organizations in order to share knowledge, and implements projects in cooperation with countries around the world in order to find solutions to environmental challenges.


  • Carries out research in Yatir Forest in order to provide important information relating to desert forestry, the enhancement of carbon sequestration and the mitigation of climate change.


  • Reclaimed land for about 1,000 communities throughout Israel.


  • Reclaimed some 100,000 hectares (250,000 acres) of land for farming.


  • Purchased some 260,000 hectares (650,000 acres) of land for settlement.


  • Forged 7,000 km. of roads and forest routes.


  • Educates hundreds of thousands of young people in Israel and abroad, intensifying their bond with Israel and helping the social integration of new olim into Israeli society.