KKL-JNF World Solidarity Mission to Israel

14-21 May, 2015, Israel


VIDEO: International Solidarity Mission to Israel at a Glance


Thank you from Central Arava Mayor Dr. Eyal Blum

Thank you from Central Arava Mayor Dr. Eyal Blum

"Thank you for making us part of this special evening that celebrates the wonderful partnership and support of KKL-JNF family from all over the world and the amazing achievements of this wonderful organization all throughout Israel."

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Join us for an experience of a lifetime on a journey through Israel.

Encounter the many faces of Israel by immersing in Israeli culture, visiting Israel's breathtaking landscapes, meeting with Israeli leaders and interacting with the unique people that make up this land.

See for yourselves how KKL-JNF has changed the face of Israel over the past 114 years of green action.



Each country delegation will embark on an itinerary and timetable tailor-made for its needs and interests.
In addition, all the delegations will come together for three major events:
Thursday evening 14/05/15: An event held at an IDF base in the central region of Israel.
Monday early afternoon 18/05/15: Inauguration event at the Beersheba River Park with the residents of the towns bordering the Gaza Strip. 
Tuesday 19/05/15: State official event in Jerusalem.
Please keep checking the page for updates.

Register with your local KKL-JNF office:

Country Contact Person Email
Australia Etty Ayalon etty@jnf.org.au
Belgium Betty Dan Faynsztein bettydan@skynet.be
Canada Sharon Lehrer Sharon.lehrer@jnf.ca
Denmark Ulf Haxen ulfhaxen@gmail.dk
Finland Ethel Salutskij ethel.salutskij@gmail.com
France Adva Benzimra adva@kkl.fr
Germany Keren Muhs keren@jnf-kkl.de
Greece Stella Salem Stella_salem@yahoo.com
Holland Moshe Kon m.kon@umcutrecht.nl
Italy Shariel Gun shariel@kkl.it
Latin America Dalit Cohen DalitC@kkl.org.il
South Africa Amber Cummins amber@beyachad.co.za
Spain Michael Adari michael@kkspain.org
Sweden Michael Lichstein michael@kkl.nu
Switzerland Yishai Haramati haramaty@kklschweiz.ch
UK Shai Bazak Shai@kkl.org.uk
Ukraine Lena Kostina Elenak@kkl.org.il
USA Hanna Schwartz hschwartz@jnf.org