ELC 2017 Program Summary

This year's European Leadership Conference promises to be action-packed, with addresses from the KKL-JNF leadership in Israel and Europe, reports from each KKL-JNF office in Europe on their achievements over the past two years, and discussions on how to move forward.

The conference will open with greetings from Moshe Perl, Acting Executive Director of KKL-JNF Resources, Development and PR in Israel; Dr. Robert Zbili, President of KKL France; Zeev Noyman, KKL-JNF Vice Chairman & Chairman of the Resource & Development Committee; and KKL-JNF world Chairman Danny Atar

Working together with KKL-JNF Israeli leadership, the KKL-JNF leadership in Europe will determine where they are headed over the next two years, by defining their vision, goals and objectives in the national interest of Israel.

The conference will also be an opportunity to discuss legal aspects of KKL-JNF and its work, in a session led by Nadav Asael, KKL-JNF Head Legal Counsel.

Conference participants will also discuss new policies in project marketing, acceptance and implementation.

Other discussions include dealing with BDS efforts against KKL-JNF and Israel in Europe, led by Shmulik Dahan, KKL-JNF Israel Director of International Public Relations, updates on new planting policies, led by Moshe Perl and Freddie Rosenberg, CEO of JNF Holland, and new opportunities for international cooperation, led by Karine Bolton-Laor, KKL-JNF Israel Director of International Relations and Conferences.

An essential aspect of the conference is the working group sessions, where KKL-JNF leaders and professionals will break up into groups according to their countries, and discuss their goals, objectives and issues specific to their organizations.
The working groups will be led by KKL-JNF Israel's European Desk managers Etti Lankry, Sharon Geva, Liri Eitan-Drai and Orna Toeg.

A closed session led by Danny Atar will also be held for KKL-JNF emissaries in Europe.

Special features of the conference will be a seminar on Jerusalem and UNESCO, which will be hosted by KKL France, as well as a dinner with guest speaker Gideon Kutz, Emissary to France from the Voice of Israel Radio, on the topic 'France Today'.

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience Paris and get to know each other in informal settings. As the conference is taking place over the weekend, the guests will partake in a Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony and festive Friday night dinner, with blessings from from Danny Atar, Israel Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama HaCohen, and Israel Ambassador to France Aliza Bin-Noun.

Guests can also opt to join a night-tour of the glittering city of Paris.

The conference will end with a bang, with participants attending a special gala concert with popular Israeli singers Eyal Golan and the Revivo Project - a special campaign to raise funds for rehabilitation efforts in Israel, in the wake of the November 2016 fires.