KKL-JNF and IDF Unit 8200 Alumni Cooperate for Youth in Peripheral Regions

Monday, June 19, 2017

KKL-JNF invests in youth and education in order to nurture Israel’s next generation so that they can in turn love and nurture Israel. Informal education is a major part of this goal.

June 16, 2017
Moshe Shalev

At an event sponsored by KKL-JNF and the IDF Intelligence Unit 8200 Alumni Association that took place at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, the two organizations announced that they would be collaborating to promote values-oriented and technological education for youth in Israel’s peripheral regions, with the goal of narrowing the educational gap in these areas.

The collaboration will be realized through KKL-JNF houses, youth centers that are a KKL-JNF initiative in peripheral regions to provide a multi-purpose social space that will empower youth in various cities.

Speaking at the event, KKL-JNF World Chairman Danny Atar said that together, “we are going to create activity centers in the peripheral regions of the Negev and Galilee that will locate the country’s best minds to lead it forward. KKL-JNF’s proven abilities, together with the skills of Unit 8200, will help foster Israel’s future generation in the fields of cyber, hi-tech, technology and innovation. This is the true realization of Zionism today.”