Adopt an Acacia

Thursday, January 16, 2014 2:28 PM

Acacia gerrardii is a thorny desert tree, which reaches a height of 3-9 meters. It grows on a single trunk or splits into 2-4 thick trunks near its base.

Developing an Acacia Method
06.01.2014, Yediot Ahronot

Acacia. Photo: Amnon Livne

The acacia trees, which are so associated with the Arava, have been drying up. In an attempt to save them, KKL-JNF initiated an exceptional project, in which seeds of different kinds of acacias were gathered and then sprouted in the nursery.

The saplings were later planted by the farmers of the Arava on the edges of their fields, and they are caring for them until they grow bigger (photo). When the trees have grown, they will be returned to their natural habitat and planted in areas that are not designated for future development. 5,000 acacia saplings have been planted, so far, in the rural communities of the Arava. “I am pleased that everyone got involved in this project, and I hope it will be successful,” said KKL-JNF Chairman Efi Stenzler.