2008 - Biofilter project for purifying urban runoff launched: This project, established in collaboration with Monash University of Melbourne and with the support of JNF Australia, aims to clean urban runoff from rainwater of its pollutants through a natural filtration process of vegetation, sand and gravel, enabling the water to be stored or channeled to Israel’s coastal aquifer. Currently, there are three biofilters operating successfully in Kfar Sava, Ramle and Bat Yam.
And today?
KKL-JNF has built more than 250 water reservoirs since the 80’s. These are classified in three groups, in accordance with the source of the water that they hold: a. collected surface runoff; b. spring water – the water produced by springs is collected during the winter and stored until it is needed; c. treated wastewater, used mainly for irrigating orchards. These reservoirs collectively contribute almost a tenth of Israel’s total water consumption. Thanks to KKL-JNF’s innovative methods in harvesting water using a wide variety of water technologies such as the biofilter, desert floodwater harvesting, and water reservoirs, Israel now recycles 87 percent of its water, the highest rate in the world.