Twinning Ceremony between Acapulco and Eilat

Sunday, July 30, 2017 4:32 PM

"Today, the Jewish community of Mexico and the world is a partner of Acapulco."

Acapulco’s Mayor, Evodio Velázquez, together with officials from his cabinet and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hosted the Mayor of Eilat, Mr. Meir Yitzhak Halevi, as well as the Israeli Ambassador in Mexico, H.E. Jonathan Peled, as well as representatives of KKL Mexico and other personalities and friends from the Jewish Community of Mexico. They reaffirmed the solidarity ties that these two port cities have had with each other for many years, in a festive twinning ceremony.
The event took place in the City Council of Papagayo and the document of the twinning between the cities was approved by the plenary of the Council and reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
With great emotion, the Mayor of Eilat announced that one of the tourist boulevards of his port city will be named "Acapulco". In addition, he detailed that this agreement of Sister Cities will also consist of collaborations in the domains of security, exchange of water technologies, and tourism.
At the end of the formal event, the authorities and diplomats proving that this agreement will not just remain on paper, went to the Anfitrite Square, a very important part of the Costera, where the official ceremony took place. During the event, there was a ribbon cutting ceremony and the unveiling of the sculpture "the Shalom Whale", sculpted by the master artist José Sacal and donated by the city of Eilat.
As a prelude to this event, KKL-JNF donated an oak tree.
Patricia Katz de Saltiel, Chairperson of KKL Mexico, thanked the Chairman of the Mexico-Israel Chapter of COMCE (the Mexican Foreign Trade Council), Fabián Yáñez (the driving force of this process and the organizer of this event) and said in her speech:
"As Mexicans, it is an honor to be able to contribute to the development of this charming tourist destination, which has been part of our childhood, of moments spent together with our family and friends. As an Israeli institution and consistent with our mission, the most important thing is to be able to support the exchange of knowledge and environmental protection policies that are so necessary at this stage.
As a demonstration of our commitment, we donated an oak tree, in addition to the planting of 18 trees in the Israeli forests, as a symbol of the commitment, support and brotherhood between our countries and our nations.”
Nissim Shasho, Director of KKL Mexico, presented the Mayors of Eilat and Acapulco with certificates attesting to the planting of trees in Israel to celebrate this event.
Then, both dignitaries and the Israeli ambassador to Mexico witnessed the plantation of the oak tree and unveiled the commemorative plaque.
At this very moving and symbolic event, KKL-JNF offered its support regarding the mutual exchange in knowledge in ecology and sustainability.
Finally, in the area of Acapulco Diamante, both mayors and the ambassador, accompanied by officials and members of the Jewish community, laid the cornerstone for the Inter-community Synagogue, which will strengthen the Jewish presence in Acapulco.
Following the twinning ceremony, the Acapulco and Eilat delegates and all ceremony participants were welcomed in Mexico City on Wednesday 19 July by Rodrigo Reina Liceaga, the Managing Director of Policy Coordination at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the agreement was endorsed and formalized.
In the evening, HE Israeli Ambassador Yonatan Peled held cocktails at his residence, where the protagonists of this agreement and the ceremony participants made a toast for a successful partnership.