Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund Brings Jewish Educational and Cultural Enrichment to Communities in Germany

Aiming to strengthen the connection between diaspora communities and Israel, professional education teams from Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL - JNF) recently concluded a successful visit to elementary schools in Düsseldorf, followed by activities for the Jewish community in Munich, on the subject of National Month in Israel, leaving an indelible mark on participants of all ages – from kinder garden age to holocaust survivors.

Bringing the spirit of Israel and KKL - JNF to the Diaspora - A variety of educational and experiential activities conducted by teams from the department of Zionist Education in the Diaspora, which is part of the Education Division at KKL – JNF, were sent to Jewish communities around the world during National Month which includes Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Jerusalem Day. Activities took place among schools, Kinder gardens, youth movements, Sunday Schools, synagogues, Jewish organizations and more.

This year teams have started the activity in Germany. In Düsseldorf, the activity took place at the Yitzhak Rabin elementary school with team leasers Moria and Yaesh who tailored the activity to the pupils' needs, blending Jewish education with enjoyment. These interactive sessions were warmly received, fostering engagement and learning among the young learners.

Transitioning to Munich, the team continued its mission by hosting activities at the Jewish elementary school Sinai, in which a total of 8 classes consisting of 30 children each, From Aleph to Dalet, have participated in the activity. The teams mentioned that pupils enthusiastically participated, embracing the opportunity to connect with Jewish culture and tradition.

Also, in Munich the team conducted the activity at the Zeidman Nursing home within the Jewish community with activities tailored for the elderly. The activity at the nursing home was particularly moving, with many of the elderly asking questions and wanting to share about their lives and memories. There were about 50 elderly participants in the activity.

Additionally, meetings in Munich were held with Israeli families living in the city, who thanked the guides and expressed feeling at home, stating that their children had a lot of fun and felt like part of a family for a few hours.

The impact of these activities was profound, igniting excitement and gratitude among participants. Particularly among elderly Jewish residents, the activities sparked joy and left lasting memories, underscoring the significance of KKL - JNF's outreach efforts.